Lafayette KT-135 EXPLOR-AIR radio kit

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More KT-135s. Because once you've assembled one, you can't stop looking at how other people did theirs.

First Prize Winner!

Very nice. Very clean. With the maroon velvet background, this is KT-135 porn. Really.

Check out the manual. Black with a white border. It seems to be an older manual, but the front panel and knobs are the newer version.

The wire on the lower-right doesn't belong there. It's not even on the correct tube socket. This will never work, the set has no B+.

Old style front panel, new style knobs, old style manual. Very interesting!

Very nice! What happened to the finishing washers in the corners?

All the disk capacitors in this early model are red! The filter capacitor has been replaced with one made by "Sprague."
Whoever replaced it didn't bother with the DOZEN bad solder joints that made this radio unusable.

Those fat dial pointers are very disturbing.

This is a nice one but the screws holding it into the case are wrong.

Here's one from 1968 with Lafayette tubes.

OK. Let's show a picture of the front, please. Oh wait. There isn't one.
Not sure what is going on here.
There is an extra capacitor on the left. An antique "Solaris" cap on the right is connected to something or other.

Another nice one, except for the Regeneration control knob.
Here's the back. Are the speaker wires just a bit too long?

Very nice. The screws holding the front panel to the cabinet are rusting.
Older front panel, newer knobs. What lurks inside?

How is it that the front panel of this radio is completely undamaged but the plastic pointers on the two large knobs are missing?
Let's just replace the 30 MFD caps with 47 MFD caps. That will be GOOD for the radio. Who cares about the B+ voltage?

My favorite. The ebay seller stated the condition wasn't too bad for its age. It looks to me like it was brought up on the end of a fish hook from some pond. The bandspread knob (upper right) had been bashed in and the end of the tuning capacitor shaft has been pushed right through it. I would really like to see more of this, but this was the only picture. He was asking $50. For some reason it never sold.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.