Lafayette KT-135 EXPLOR-AIR radio kit

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More KT-135 stuff.

The KT-135 had two different knob styles. This is an older version with the original style. It also matches the picture on the cover of the manual. Apparently there were four styles of "Leatherette covered Wooden Cabinets." If you need to recover your cabinet, the material is called "Tolex" and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.
This radio sold for $100 on ebay in June of 2015. The seller stated it didn't work. No worries there, on page 18 of the assembly manual it says you can bring it to Lafayette and they'll fix it for you for four dollars!

In addition to the two types of knobs and four styles of cabinet covers, there were three types of speaker grills.

There were also two chassis types. The older models have the lettering printed on the chassis.
There were even three different manuals. Two are shown here.
Box with part number.
Dating your KT-135
To get the approximate date when your KT-135 kit was packaged, look for a number on the speaker. If you see a "20-84", the date the speaker (probably) was manufactured is the middle two digits of the other number. Put the number nineteen in front of it. So "67" becomes 1967.  Doesn't always work. A guy named Bill Shanahan has one that is printed "04". That could be 1964 as 1954 and 1974 are beyond the dates the radios were sold.

LOOK! I cleaned up the mess I made on the card table! For once.
It stayed clean for a whole day. I got Art Auch's radio the next day, and started work on it. A week later I was swapping speakers. Art Auch's speaker was DOA. I ordered a 4" replacement for my modified radio (what did it matter?) and put the "stock" speaker into Art's radio. What you don't see is all the crap on the floor. Hey, I only have so much room on the table.
On September 12, 2015 I found my old desk in a bedroom at my mom's house. It has a new finish on it thanks to my brother,
but my initials can still be seen carved into it at the far right. Today I would never carve something into a piece of furniture.
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