Rocket Launching - September 07, 2014

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You can tell by the movie that I over compensated the launch angle due to "Arbor-eatum-phobia", which is a fear of a tree eating your rocket. As of this date I hold the record for "Closest to the Cell Tower", according to Jim Hansen. At first we couldn't find the rocket, though we could hear the beeper. That's because we were looking down and the rocket was up -  in the log pile.
Not a good picture of Andrea, but the rocket looks GREAT!
Route 113.
Some of the farm buildings.
Top of the antenna tower.
Almost inside the fence!

Time for a spinner drag race between Chris LaBelle and Jim Hansen!

Jim's landed first. Did he win, or did he lose? There weren't any rules. Very unscientific.

A second drag race. Chris has overtaken Jim. Does that mean Chris won?

Now I set up two rockets at once. Not very smart if you want to recover them both. What I am doing is getting rid of my surplus of A8-3 engines.
Jim Hansen sets up the Terraformer on a D-12
Barry connects the Photon Probe, using a C-6.
Chris Labelle adjusts the angle for his Vortico.

Joe gives the "thumbs up".
Then everything is launched all at once!! 
ALMOST all at once.

Now the Parachute Guy Rocket Launcher is set to go.
Parachute Guy reports that cabin pressure is holding.
It never even touched the ground.

After this, Chris LaBelle's Psychedelic Saucer of Doom was launched, and then it was time to leave.

The attempt to pull the Sky Raider out of the tree failed.
Lance's rocket continued to chirp every few seconds, calling for help, as we left the site.