Rocket Launch - September 07, 2014

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Today we're once again launching  at Hallowell Farm in Bucks County, PA with the PARA520 club.
The weather is excellent but only three of our crew were able to make it. Joe Jones, Andrea, and yours truly.

John McConville scopes out the field. You see in this picture his mind calculating wind speed and direction, average engine thrust, thrust duration, time delay, drag, rocket weight and 'chute diameter. Not only does he have to find this rocket after it is launched, he finds everyone else's, too. He owes me two rockets from the time he didn't show up.

Jim Hansen sets up Three Creamers, made from coffee cups.
Lance Ohrberg's huge V2 sits on the pad.
The "Ragged Camouflage" design is the actual one
used by the Germans in 1944. (picture here.)

The Nike-X. I built this so long ago I don't even remember it. I found it in
my garage. The fins were cocked and I had to straighten them out.
The V2 blasts off with a  1,600 pound warhead. Destination, London.

The "Vengeance Weapon" (Vergeltungswaffen) will impact at Mach 3!
I lied about the warhead.

The Nike-X lifts off.
Followed by Barry's Cosmic Explorer.
Next, the Three Creamers blasts off!
It came back to Earth very slowly, horizontally, and spinning the entire time it descended.
It landed behind us, on the other side of the tree line.

                    Next, Jim launched one of his famous spinner things and it darn near landed on him.  Mouseover for video controls.

The day was going well, then Lance Ohrberg lost his rocket, the Sky Raider, on its maiden flight!
"Lost" is not an accurate word. We all knew exactly where it was. Let's just say he was "sundered" from his rocket.

Lance Ohrberg and the Sky Raider.
                               Sky Raider video.  Mouseover for video controls.