Rocket Launching - September 07, 2014

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Setting up for another launch.

The Silverfish with two new cameras.
John's rocket shoots skyward.
It looked as though it went through that cloud!

The Silverfish lifts off.
One 'chute didn't open.

Barry's Photon Probe takes off and goes nearly out of sight.
...then comes back

...and practically lands on one of the launch pads.
I missed the launch but Joe snapped this pic.

                               Video of the Silverfish launch. Mouseover for video controls.
The violence of the ejection charge...
... flung the battery out of the recovery beacon!

Fortunately, the rocket was easy to find even without the recovery beacon functioning.
Finless on an A8-3.
Descending while one of Barry's goes out of sight.
... coming down and getting close.
It almost landed on Andrea, who ducked just in time. What could be more cool than a black eye from a rocket hitting you?
Wasted opportunity. Can you imagine the questions? "What happened to your eye?" "Got hit by a rocket!". 15 minutes of fame.
A future scientist checks out our table. Notice the new Yellowjacket upper stage doesn't have any fins. They were too much trouble.
Also missing is the nosecone weight, and the nosecone is now hollow plastic. It weighs a bit less than the original.
                          Launch of the Yellowjacket. Mouseover for video controls.