QuickBASIC programs

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Lunar Lander
Land your spacecraft on the moon, but make sure you have enough fuel to lift off.
This was typed out of a book published in 1983 named "100 READY-TO-RUN PROGRAMS & SUBROUTINES FOR THE IBM PC." Be sure to slow DOSBOX down so the game thinks it's on a 1983 machine.
GWBASIC version.
QuickBASIC version.
The only difference in the two is that the "explosion" caused an error in QuickBASIC and had to be modified.

BASIC Programs and environments
Click above to download QuickBASIC VER 4.5 for DOS. ZIP file.

Click above to download GW-BASIC. Rename the file to GWBASIC.EXE

Click above to go the the QB64 website, where you can download QB64 for Windows.

A ton of games that run under DOS

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