The Porch Roof Project

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By Friday the last nail was pulled out of the rafters. New nailers are waiting for Saturday morning.
Saturday morning, October 11. Nate came over to help, bringing a nice ladder with him.
At this point, the porch is very wobbly. We left the fascia board on (seen on the far right) to help hold it together.
Andrea and I went out to get some larger nails and new fascia boards. When we got back Nate had half the nailers up.
The rain drizzled on him the whole time.
After working on a Saturday for six hours, Nate left to go to a beer tasting party. Can you believe that?? We finished up ourselves.
In this picture you can see some temporary flashing Andrea installed against the house to protect it from the rain.
Sunday was beautiful. Nate was back and the cedar shakes started to go on.
This rafter had split right in two. Nate didn't realize it, but he dang near fell through the roof the day before.
By the end of the week it's starting to look like a roof.
Oh no, it's raining and the roof isn't tied into the house. Good thing we didn't remove the temporary flashing.
While working on the roof I had to convince myself I couldn't fall through the nailers. It sure did smell good up there with all that cedar!