Elmer G. Osterhoudt
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Osterhoudt Family References and Other Data

NOTE: This is a collection of documents I found or were sent to me while investigating Elmer Osterhoudt. Details such as names, dates, and addresses can be gleaned from them. It is not a complete record of the Osterhoudt family, nor is it meant to be.

NOTE 2: On July 12, 1973, a fire at the Military Personal Records Center in Overland, Missouri, destroyed 18 million files. Elmer's WWI and WWII records seem to be among the missing.
Census Records
1900 Census from Scotts Mills, Oregon.
Osterhoudt; Charles, Henry, William A, John E, Minnie J, Elmer G.
  1910 Census from Clackamas County, Oregon showing Cyril Osterhoudt in the home of C. McConnell.
1910 Census from Eugene, Oregon.
Osterhoudt; William and Elmer.
  1920 Census from Fresno, California. Elmer Osterhoudt.
1920 Census from Los Angeles, California.
Osterhoudt; William, Alice, Wilda, Charles, Nora, Elmer, Cyril, John.
  1930 Census from Alameda, California.
Osterhoudt; Elmer G, Mabel E.
1930 Census from Los Angeles, California.
Osterhoudt; William A, Alice E, Wilda F, Charles F, Dorothy E, Melvin A, John E.
  1940 Census from Oakland, California.
Osterhoudt; Elmer G. and Mabel E.
Charles and Elizabeth Osterhoudt. (Elmer's grandparents) 1851 Marriage record (bottom-right of page).   Wilbert Osterhoudt and Alice Shields marriage license. August 14, 1915.
Elmer and Mabel Osterhoudt marriage license. October 6, 1929.   Record of marriage (shows Elmer's address in Oakland, CA). October 6, 1929.
Alice Osterhoudt and James Newman marriage license. November 18, 1932.   Cyril and Leona's marriage license. (Shows Cyril was a Radio Mechanic.) August 25, 1930.
Cyril Osterhoudt birth. April 17, 1901.   Dorothy Osterhoudt birth. June 29, 1921.
Ada May Osterhoudt birth. Feb 7, 1923.   Melvin Osterhoudt birth. September 10, 1925.
Other marriages
Cyril Osterhoudt marriage. August 23, 1930.   Wilda Osterhoudt marriage. Jan 2, 1940.
Melvin Osterhoudt marriage. July 7, 1946.   Everett Osterhoudt marriage. (Son of Cyril Osterhoudt)
November 19, 1953.
Draft cards
Elmer Osterhoudt draft card. 1918.   Elmer Osterhoudt draft card. 1942.
Cyril Osterhoudt draft card.1918.   John Osterhoudt draft card. 1918.
Cyril Osterhoudt 1942.

See this note.
  Charles Osterhoudt draft card. 1940.
Merlin Osterhoudt 1940.   Melvin Osterhoudt draft card. 1943.
Minnie Osterhoudt death. (Elmer's mother)
September 29, 1903.
  Wilbert Osterhoudt death. (Elmer's father)
December 3, 1930.
Baby Osterhoudt death. July 25, 1920.   Nora Osterhoudt death. May 11, 1922.
Ada May Osterhoudt death. February 6, 1925.   Cyril Osterhoudt death. October 14, 1952.
Robert Osterhoudt death. (Son of Cyril)
January 16, 1935.
1923 manifest from the J. A. Moffett showing Elmer Osterhoudt as the radio operator.   March 7, 1923. Mabel E. Smith passport application.
Listings of the Osterhoudts from Los Angeles directories.   Page from the 1918 Compton High School yearbook showing photo of Elmer Osterhoudt.
Elmer's application to the Society of Wireless Pioneers showing the names and dates of the ships he was employed on. September 7, 1968.   Copyright for "Crystal Detectors" 1938
Copyright for "MRL No.2 Long Distance Crystal Set" 1945. Two Pages   Location of the Charles Osterhoudt farm
John and Lillie
Consent from R. D. Sanford for marriage of Lillie Shields. July 25, 1904.   Marriage Return. John Osterhoudt and Lillie Shields.
July 25, 1904.
John Osterhoudt and Lillie Shields.
Marriage License. July 25, 1904.
  John Osterhoudt deed. 160 acres near Enterprise, OR.
"The northeast quarter of the northwest quarter of section twenty-two and the north half of the northeast quarter and the southwest quarter of the northeast quarter of section twenty one."
Marriage Certificate of Lillie Osterhoudt and James Campbell. Washington State. December 7, 1921.   Marriage of Lillie Osterhoudt and James Campbell. Clark County, Vancouver. December 7, 1921.
Compare Lillie's signature with document on the left.