The Ferrite Ferret
A Ferrite Ferret from North Yorkshire, England

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More versions of the Ferrite Ferret, from England.
Ron Buckwell
Ron Buckwell's version of the "Ferrite Ferret."
Ron (G0MBV) is in Guisborough, on the Northeast coast of North Yorkshire in England
Beautiful modular design on a printed circuit board. The battery is wrapped in a skin to emulate an old Ever Ready battery.
Note: this is an Ever Ready, made by the Ever Ready company, not the "Eveready" brand sold in the US made by Union Carbide..
Ron Buckwell
It's a lovely radio (as they say in Guisborough). The craftsmanship is outstanding.
Printed circuit G0MVB

Ron Buckwell
This is a portable version. It measures 6" x 4" x 1.2"
For some reason known only to most of the world, Ron claims it measures 150mm x 100mm x 30mm.
Ron Buckwell
I can almost hear it playing!

Yorkshire Tea Radio
Here's a version Ron made for his lass, Kerry. She loves Yorkshire tea.

(After several emails where Ron mentioned "our lass," I finally had to ask him who "our lass" actually is. It's his wife.)

Yorkshire Tea Radio
Yorkshire Tea is By Appointment to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. I wonder if he  knows about this radio. There may be taxes owed.
Yorkshire Tea Radio
The schematic from Page 2 is attached!
Yorkshire Tea Radio
Model and serial numbers. (Holy smokes, he's made 1,500,001 of these things!)

The Ultimate MK484 / TA7642 / Ferrite Fox / Ferrite Ferret
dual band MK484 / TA7642 radio
Dual band, two coils are switched from the front panel. The dial scale is a brass protractor. 4" speaker and oak sides give it superb sound.
The front panel was covered with a graphic printed on photo paper and given a coat of clear lacquer.
These versions are very impressive and put my Ferrite Ferret to shame, but I'm happy it was an inspiration.

Yorkshire Tea
... and I got a proper brew.

This concludes our broadcast day.