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1945 CROSLEY 56TC 

Crosley 56TC
A 1945 / 1946 Crosley Model 56TC AM/SW radio.
Crosley 56 TC
WWII ended on September 2, 1945. This must have been one of the first radios made after restrictions on radio manufacturing were lifted.
Crosley 56
Crosley Radio Corp was purchased by Aviation Corp (AVCO) in 1945, who made radios using the Crosley name.
Crosley Corporation made small cars, but all civilian automobile production (and radio manufacturing) was halted during the war.
Crosley 56TC
Whoever owned this radio took good care of it. It's 74 years old.
The restored underside.
Crosley 56TC
This is the radio as I initially obtained it, purchased from "a friend of a friend" for $20. It seemed to be in decent shape for being 74 years old. Notice there are no decals that designate what the knobs are for. This will make refinishing the cabinet easier. Also, notice the white plug; it is mentioned on the next page.

The finish is damaged on the side and the dial cover is cracked.

The back has a piece missing in the center and is held in with several different types of screws. I wonder what put the hole in it.

The cord is cracked and shorted, so it can't be plugged in yet. Even though "they" say never plug an old radio in when you get it, I always did. In this case, though, I didn't plug it in. I didn't realize it at the time, but this would cause me a bit of worry later.
The radio was made by IBEW workers. That doesn't mean the job didn't suck just because they were in the Union.
Let's look inside. Uh-oh. A bunch of tape on the wires.
Wow, this radio hasn't been used in a long time.
Very interesting. The dial cover is held in with thumbtacks.
It didn't come with thumbtacks from the factory. Another of "History's Mysteries."
Hahaha, the grille cloth used to be white!
Up close, you can see the old lacquer finish is shot, but if not for the damage on the side I would have left it alone.
The best thing to do with this is to refinish it. The grille cloth is disgusting and it needs a new dial cover.
If not refinished, there would be such a clash with a new grille cloth and clear dial cover, it would never look right.