Strange things in the yard
  If you see anyone strange in the yard, please right-click on the picture to save it, then email me the scene!
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This picture was sent in by Mr. Mike Hyman who saw this entity looking into the camera on 02/19/02.


Mister Hyman sent this picture in on Feb 22, 2002.
I believe it's a FAKE! What would a PENGUIN be doing in the yard?


This scene is compliments of Mr. "Art Masterpiece".
I suspect that this shot is also a FAKE! Nice try, Art!


What the heck is this? Sent in by Joe Jones, and others saw it as well. It may be a carpenter bee checking out the camera lens. Or your retina is detached.


My neighbors, Wendy and Bob.
Or my wife wearing Wendy's underwear, and Bob. No wait... it's Wendy.


Look at what this did to my lawn!


Protesters. Sent in by Annette Fullafish.


This pesky insect stayed on the camera lens for hours.