Strange things in the yard
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Mike and Joe contemplate a UFO in the yard.
- Sent in by Joe Jones


The presence of water is detected in the yard.
Photo thanks to Mike Shard

Mike runs a huge fiber-optic cable from the house to the garage. Thanks to Greg DePaul


Joseph and Mary looking for a place to stay. In keeping with tradition, they'll have to sleep in the garage! Sent in by Charles Keenan.


The Dancing Baby !
Thanks to Donna Hatencoat.


The dancing babe!


"There is no presence of American infidels in
Mike's yard! 
Sent in by Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

After joining SETI@home, Mike and his family disappear. Investigators find strange "Grass Circle"
in the yard.                - Sent in by Charles Keenan