The Rotating Tiger Cheese Box Construction Tips

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Making the Rotating Part

Step 1: Buy two containers of cheese of your choice in
            a round box.  Eat all the cheese in one sitting.


You will  also need two popsicle sticks,
eight magnets, a nail, a drafting compass,
a piece of paper and a hot glue gun.

Using a compass and a piece of paper, describe a circle the same size as the inside of the box. Again using the compass, divide it into eight sections. Cut it out, place it inside the box and mark the eight positions.
... or just use the cheese in the box as a guide to make
the marks and use six magnets instead of eight.

The marks are where the magnets will go.
Also mark the center of the box.

Mark eight magnets so all their poles are
the same. It doesn't matter if they are north
or south poles.
Glue the magnets in, all poles facing the same way.
Now put the bottom and top back
to back and drill a hole through them. In this picture there is a piece of blue tape holding them together.

Tip: When I put everything together I found the top box had a wobble. I slid the two halves around so the holes were aligned, but  then it had a hop. I got around this by cutting a piece of coffee stirrer, enlarging the holes and pushing it through. It was then adjusted to (almost) perfection and glued in with the glue gun. This had an advantage of a near frictionless contact with the nail.


That was the easy part!