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This page is here so my family and friends can see what I've been up to.
It's sort of what I would post on Facebook, except the entries don't vanish overnight.
House 98% done!
Andrea and Bruce.
"Two Half Ass Carpenters" fixed my house and then resided it.
I'm 60! My kids gave me a party, everybody got facial hair.


Plaque unveiling for Andrea's great-great grandfather Constantine Hering, at 12th and Arch St in Philadelphia.
Turning mom's vegetable garden....
... back into a lawn.
Chris, Mike Sweeney and Joe.
A year later.
"Alicia" memorizing her lines while a scene in Zeroes is being filmed. I saw two guys quit their jobs 27 times while Alicia was the HR person. The "extras" were confined to a holding area with me, and when I realized I wasn't an "extra" I got up and did anything I wanted. Had breakfast, checked out the equipment, stuck my head in the wardrobe and makeup departments, watched the scenes being filmed and chatted up the stars. It's incredible what they do just to get the lighting right. Thankfully, she washed all that crap off her face before we left.

More roof maintenance. This time she hurt herself. Bruised her ribs reaching for the peak. For her to even mention it, it must have hurt.
They paved the walking path in Lower Gwynedd. The asphalt is still hot.
KYW AM1060 antenna. As seen on the way to visiting Andrea's dad.
Started a battery collection. I need something to display them in. That red Eveready 9V in the center is my favorite.
Coating the laundry room roof, and annoyed that her picture has to be taken.


The drone. Can take video and still pictures at the whim of the operator. Will modify it to take out ISIS positions.
Assembling a digital clock from a kit (that had no instructions.)
Making the "special" battery holder. Cardboard tubes and construction paper.
Clockmed the clockmeister. Off to school to show the teacher, then to see Obama.
Sumneytown Pike, looking south from route 202. Freshly paved with no traffic. The paving job was a work of art.


Painting the garage roof.
Marissa's birthday.
Sampling the output (cornmeal) of the Evans-Mumbower Mill.
Harvesting sunflower head for birdseed. Will try to grow some plants with these, but they may be GMO.
Scraping the garage roof.
Aiden and Marissa get Baptized.
Lunch in Quakertown PA with Heather, Jim and Stella.
At the Parkside Diner with John Heffentrayer. A good guy I used to work with, I was sorry when he retired a few years ago.


Recreated my first working crystal set, built in 1966.
Made tomato juice from tomatoes that grew wild in the garden.
Andrea finds a giant banana peel. Actually, it's an ancient part of a horse's bridal, with a big rusted buckle.
Fixing a leak on the car port.
Swing out back had to come down because it rotted on the edge. The yard next door looks like a junkyard. Used to be nice.
Another new mansion in Lower Gwynedd. This one on Schoolhouse Road.
At a rocket launching. Photographer Andrea on the left.
Launched new rocket, "12 Monkeys". It held 12 parachuting monkeys and two cameras.
Replaced headlights on car.
Planted 27 sunflowers to grow our own bird food, but the deer ate 25 of them.


Looking for historic locals at an old graveyard.
Yard work.
Looked at a house that was for sale on West Point Pike.
Eight fins for a new rocket to be named "12 Monkeys".
Party for Steve's 30th birthday.
Party for Steve's 30th birthday.


Party for Andrea's dad.
Went to the new storm water controller in Fort Washington while on a walk.
Restored TWO Layayette KT-135 regen radios.
Aiden's birthday. He got "Poop Dough" and a farting piano. Poop and farts are funny. (He got other stuff too.)

MAY 2015

Chrissy's birthday.
This leads to a statue of Chief Tedyuscung in Valley Green.
Forbidden Drive.
Mothers Day at the Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery.
Launched the ARCAS twice, got it back twice. That goofy "rocket hat" saves me from being burnt up by the sun.

Built at scale model of the ARCAS.

APRIL 2015

Easter at mom's.
Easter at mom's.
Chrissy gets her gall bladder out. She loves this picture.
     Went to Pittsburgh to see my boss (Third from left.) Behind him is Hercle Peters, my co-worker. We are the last two left out of 20+.

March 2015

Car snowed in. Again.
Making a Copper-Zinc battery with Matt. We got up to six volts (but very low current). Used vinegar as an electrolyte.
Out to lunch with John Heffentrayer and wife Ethel.
At the Sellersville Theater to see Trespass on March 20.
Walking the route 202 bypass in Montgomeryville PA. Check out the shadows from the fence.
Heather's birthday - Allentown, PA.

February 2015

Coldest Winter in years.
Kellie's birthday dinner.

January 2015

Matt is 15! His white blood cells and hair are from a bone marrow donor in Germany. Now he gets two birthdays every year!

Matt Knoebel's blood drive at the West Point firehouse. Biggest in the area. Here are Cindi and two Mary Ramsey's.

* Beginning of 2015 photo log *