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This page is here so my family and friends can see what I've been up to.
It's sort of what I would post on Facebook, except the entries don't vanish overnight.

The Continental Army may have hiked up this very hill. (Fort Washington State Park)


"Graduated" to an FM radio kit.


Conrad Knerr on his 90th birthday.
Free stuff! AM radio kit (see picture below), 150 feet of wire and 650 capacitors in labeled zip lock bags.

Built an AM radio kit with Matt. It didn't work. Ordered a new amplifier chip. Plan B: Sent for a different kit.

Helped Andrea replace her porch roof. It took us three weeks and cost $2000.00


Built a rocket with a three engine cluster. Don't tell Hamas you can cluster rocket engines.

The mailman came! Four spy cameras, memory and two sonic locators (to find a model rocket in a cornfield.)

Camera instructions: "on/off long press boot key K1, blue and red double light, at the same time machine shake, shake stop, initialization after blue shutoff.
                                     Red lights keep lighting, enter standby at boot condition, long press K1 keys, machine shake and red light flash 3 times shutdown."

I once had 16 co-workers. Now I have one. This is where everyone sat. The area was filled with terminals and work stations.


Finished the Yellowjacket II and hung a trash-picked cabinet in the garage. The cabinet filled up with radio stuff in two minutes flat.

Got caught in the rain twice on the way home but had my dollar store parka with me. Needed windshield wipers on my glasses.

Fort Washington State Park with Andrea.

Ride from Valley Forge to Manyunk with Joe, Eric and Dave.

Bicycle chain upgrade. Sram PC991 to replace the PC49 that came with the bike. The PC991 is the highest quality made by Sram.
Check out some reviews for the  Sram '49. Yikes! The '991 was free with credit card points. Whoohoo!

Stained new steps and replaced American flag.

Investigated a burial ground on the way to work. A walled enclosure that seemed empty inside.
There were five gravestones, all in one place near the entrance. 20 people were buried here between 1832 and 1857.
This burial ground was next to a Meeting House called the "Orthodox Cottage". For more information click here and scroll down.

Tomatoes from the garden.

Made a nice mower out of two old junkers. The engine started with one pull and it runs like a top.
One bolt was frozen. Broke two sockets and an adapter, then went through 5 cutting disks for the Dremel.
One hour job turned into four hours, but it does a great job cutting.

Went to Baltimore. Andrea auditioned for a role in a major series.
Took some artsy-fartsy pictures while Andrea was auditioning.

Went to Philadelphia. On the way back we stopped at my old house at 6159 N. Lawrence Street. Seems to be well taken care of.
25 years later it actually looks better than it did when we lived there. They got rid of the lawn and got a new window.
Click on the picture for a larger version.

JULY 2014

Smooth Move. The road crew let me ride my bike down Township Line Road while it was still being paved.

Free money!! I got this in the mail from a Class Action Settlement, but can't remember what it's about. It was years ago.
UPDATE: A credit card company sold private information for target marketing, violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Fixed up a bicycle for Andrea. A Raleigh Eclipse circa about 1990. It was her daughter's.
Suntour Accushift, an early version of shift indexing. About 85% reliable due to a mismatch in the chain and sprockets used by Raleigh.
 There is no indicator on the shift levers to show what gear you're in, you have to look down at the sprockets, as in the old days.

One of my favorite books when I was a kid - the unabridged edition of Tarzan Of The Apes. Whitman 1964 edition.
Found over a dozen NOS copies in a book store, so I bought one. With Official Ape-English Dictionary. Vando!! (Good!!)

Red Rider BB guns with Matt.
Shooting at Vikings, firemen and dinosaurs.
Some of the carnage!

A clean cassette! Used a pressure washer on it.

Yard work at Garfield. Cutting back the wild lilac bush that was out of control.

Cigar Boxes! Two bucks each at the cigar store in Springhouse, PA

Built an "Astron Skyhook" using plans I saved from 1968.

Bike ride to Frenchtown, NJ with Joe Alice. 40 miles round trip. Waiting for lunch at Maria's. (Turkey wraps for two turkeys.)


Out for a walk in Treweyrn Park.

JUNE 2014

Out with Andrea in my new suit.

Built an audio amplifier for radio experiments.

Birthday party for Aiden.

New mailbox! Andrea has to stop laughing long enough to pull the old one out of the ground.

MAY 2014

Replaced porch steps.

Finished building my Christmas present.

"Cheeks", our well mannered feral cat.

Andrea fixes the bird feeder.
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