A Mystery in a Photograph

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The amazing photo you are about to see is a matter of human record. You may believe it... or not. But the
real people, the people in the photo, THEY believe it. THEY know. They took that "One Step Beyond."

On New Years Day 2015, at a Christmas party hosted by my sister Cindi and my brother-in-law Ken, my sister took this picture of my daughter Kellie and her husband Steve.

Looking past Kellie and Steve, the older couple on the right are my Uncle Tom and Aunt Helen. On the left, behind Kellie, my cousin Jen is drinking a bottle of water. The guy behind her in the plaid shirt is Mark. To the right of Mark is my brother Chris and next to him is my sister-in-law Patti. Patti faces another guy in a plaid shirt, but all you can see is his shoulder. That's ME. I was THERE, man! The guy standing with his arms folded is my cousin John.

At first glance, nothing seems unusual about this photo, except that while I was looking at the various people in the picture I initially thought John was standing in front of a cabinet. It's actually a hallway leading to the bedrooms and bathroom. The horses aren't on top of a cabinet, they are on the wall above the open doorway.

Then I noticed something very strange. Can you see it?

 for the music that must accompany this while you're reading.

Wait for it...

Do you want to go back and look?


Look at the photo again. See anything weird?
There is no trickery. The photo hasn't been altered, except to be resized.





Whose shadows are these?

The shadow on the right is not of John.
Even if the shadow behind John is actually of John, the shadow on the left has no human counterpart. And where is the glow coming from? This room has no windows! How can there be a shadow above an opening to a hallway? How can there be a shadow directly under a light in the ceiling? The picture on the wall has a shadow UNDER it from the ceiling light.
The kitchen is to the right and there is a mirror on the wall, but the light isn't coming from either source. If it were, WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE WHOSE SHADOWS ARE ON THE WALL? Are they in the kitchen? Why are the shadows so high, almost to the ceiling? Why don't any of the people in the room cast a shadow??
The glow is not coming from the kitchen. It extends to the kitchen wall, TOWARDS the kitchen.
The sunlight is coming in through the front door. There is no window or doorway to the left.

No one in the room has a shadow, not even Kellie and Steve. Sunlight is shining directly on them and they cast no shadow, yet there are two large shadows on the wall of people who apparently do not exist.

The identities of the people casting the ghostly silhouettes, and the manner in which they were cast, may forever be unknown. There is a rational explanation for the two curious shadows. Can you unravel the mystery? Perhaps, if you take One Step Beyond.

The music you are listening to is titled "Fear" by Harry Lubin. It was the theme music from the 1960s TV show "One Step Beyond."
Harry Lubin also composed the theme music for "The Outer Limits."