Rocket Launching of October 6, 2013

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Today we launched with the Philadelphia Area Rocketry Association (PARA) at the Hallowell Farm in Bucks County. The day
was very overcast. After no rain for a month it seemed it was going to rain the very day of the launch. In fact, it did rain later.

First of our flights was the Silverfish. Inside was Orville the Plastic Parachute Man with a camera on his back.
Here it lifts off next to Matt's Alpha (on the right) using a D12-3 engine.

The flight was perfect!
Matt's Alpha didn't ignite. Another round was set up, but it turned
out pad #3 was no good. It wasn't used for the rest of the day.
Matt's Alpha was moved to pad 1.
Sorry Matt, all I got was smoke!
Alpha recovery crew. The higher performing rockets went into the low clouds, which is what the Alpha did.

This was very cool! The rocket would disappear, then you'd hear the ejection charge.  Everyone would
scan the sky, but see nothing. Suddenly a rocket on a parachute would seem to miraculously appear!


Here is the first video from the Silverfish.
-- mouse over for controls --