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Launching today at Hallowell Farm with the PARA520 club. Here is our crew: Matt, Mike and Andrea. It's chilly and breezy, but not a bad day for a launch. As a matter of fact, there will be about 75 launchings today.

By the time we arrived there were already plenty of people there! Looks like Civil Air Patrol 104 is on hand.
Filling out launch cards.
John has a rocket as tall as himself.
Matt prepares the Astron Alpha.
Meanwhile, Ken gives a little help with an igniter hookup.
Pads are hot. Round one!
Partial parachute failure, but all was well. It landed right near the pads. The saucer takes off!
...then returns and lands right in front of pad 2!
Back at our table, we're too busy watching other people's rockets to actually prepare our own.