Rocket Launching of September 16, 2012 with video taken from the "Gray Ghost".

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Here we all are at Souderton High School, Souderton, PA. The first launch will be Matt's Photon Disrupter.
Ow! My eyes! The rocket is disrupting photons!
A great catch. Matt says, "Don't look at the photons!!"        
Next up is Andy's Sky Winder (with helicopter recovery).
This was a cool flight. We always get this rocket back and we launched it four more times. It's about 15 years old.
Next, the maiden flight of Joe's Big Bertha.
The engine was a B6-4. It was launched later with a C6-5.
A perfect flight!
Joe built his first Bertha over 45 years ago.
Joe's Big Bertha. January 17, 1969. Launched into the wind.
Yours truly as the recovery crew.

Now the Gray Ghost is set to go. The pilot (named Orville) reports everything is A-OK. A camera is attached to the bottom of the rocket.
We have liftoff of the maiden flight of the Gray Ghost.
The Gray Ghost and Orville both float back to Earth, Orville taking much longer.
(both parachutes are the same size).

The flight was perfect. The altitude prediction program says it went 468 feet high.

We anticipated that Orville would never return but Matt found him at the other end of the field.
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