Rocket Launching of September 1, 2013

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Setting up again at the field at Jacks Lane and Supplee Road in Lansdale. Jim, Joe, Andrea, Chrissy, Matt, Tom and Aiden.

It's 2PM. It's 90
F, sunny and humid. Nobody else is at the field because of the heat. We have the whole place to ourselves!

First order of business: Take this picture!

Since the new rocket is made from the remains of the Gray Ghost, (see the launching page for August 10, 2013)
which was made from the carcass of Big Red, which was made from the remains of the first Big Red, which was made
from the wreck of the Honest John, take a picture of me holding it before it crashes, explodes or ends up in a tree.

Joe Jones and Jim Nolen, founding members of the A.R.O. in 1968.

First up - a double launch of Joe's Quest Courier and the Parachute Guy Rocket Launcher.
Nice finishing job on the Courier, can't say the same about the PGRL.
The Courier returns with streamer recovery.
The PGRL has a safe landing. But where is the parachute guy??
We looked in vain at the open sky. He had vanished!
It turns out that the parachute guy was still in the rocket! Man, it must have been hot in there!  Unfortunately,
the parachute guy was too big and got stuck. This rocket was designed for smaller parachute men but we didn't
have any small ones left. I had a funny feeling about this as I jammed him in there. Heh. Heh-heh. Poor sucker.

We launched him again, and he got stuck again! This time,
he prevented the rocket parachute from ejecting. The rocket
hit the ground with a nauseating thud.
The poor guy was practically melted. The impact severely damaged the
rocket but we launched it a third time and he got stuck AGAIN. That
was the end of the Parachute Guy Rocket Launcher; it's a wreck.

Next, the maiden voyage of Matt's Alpha with an A8-3 engine.
A perfect flight!
Home made plastic parachute.
Caught by Chrissy!