Rocket Launching of August 17, 2011

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Prelude: Matt Building the Estes Omloid.
Finishing up
Getting ready for the launch.

Here we are at a field in Upper Gwynedd PA. Matt loads
an igniter into a mini-engine for the Streak.

Testing for wind direction and speed,
Andrea sets off the Streak as the first launch.

Big Betty is ready!


Now it's time to launch an egg!
The Estes Omloid
Is the egg intact?
Nothing is dripping...

Time to launch Big Betty again, but this time Orville the
Plastic Parachute Man
is aboard.
 TWO parachutes! Orville lives!!
Orville will soon be hanging on a "Nail of FAME" in the garage!

Next comes the Omloid, but this time with a camera taped to the body

Now we load four small parachute guys into Big Betty.
It was a good launch. Two guys floated away and were lost. Two others somehow hung onto the rocket for dear life.

An orange Streak was next launched. This is what
happens when the nosecone doesn't eject.
The next rocket had four more small parachute guys in it. Here, Andrea
launches the rocket and takes a picture with her phone at the same time.
The four blurry colored dots are the last we ever saw of the
parachute men. All floated away. We looked for them, to no avail.
The rocket was successfully recovered. It was a great
rocket launching day, though we lost six good men.