Rocket Launching of August 10, 2013

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Some of the crew and spectators at the field at Jacks Lane and Supplee Road in Lansdale, on August 10th.

Jim Nolen, Joe Jones and Mike Simpson (yours truly) of the ARO were at a launch together for the first time in 30 years. Andrea came
early with me, and then watched our stuff while I ran home to retrieve the forgotten launch rods. Matt was allowed out, so Chrissy
and Tom came as well. Sue brought Aiden, then her Mom Mary Ramsey showed up. Andy had to work but Theresa brought Allison.

The first rocket launched was Matt's rocket, Finless.
Streamer recovery.
We always get this one back.
Next, Joe's "rocket whose name escapes me"
Partial 'chute failure but the rocket was unscathed.
The maiden flight of the Journeyman II!
Andrea was the recovery crew for this one.
Same flight from a different angle.
Two C6-3's lighting up.
Jim Nolen (L) and Joe Jones (R), founding members of the ARO rocket club in 1968.
The USS Constantine Hering lifts off next.
Launched with a C6-3
Recovery crew in action again! It's HER rocket, after all.
Tom, Chrissy and Matt watching the action.
The Journeyman II lifts off again for another perfect flight.
It had three parachutes, but it's down to one.