Rocket Launching of August 03, 2014

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Today we're launching again at Hallowell Farm with the PARA group. Here is Andrea at our table.
The Silverfish is being prepped with cameras and a warbler. Looks like the parachute guy (today named "Parachute Man") is ready.

Meanwhile, Jim and Ken are setting up some high powered rockets further out in the field.

Wonder what he's thinking.
Probably pondering the instructions.

A perfect liftoff!
It landed in the corn but it's hard to lose something this big.

The ground was still smoking from Jim's rocket when Ken's was launched.
The main chute deployed ten seconds after the drogue.

Next, Jim sets up a flying saucer.
Effin' GEE powered!
The Initiator blasts off!
... and has a perfect recovery

The saucer takes off with a loud roar and a display of flame, sparks and smoke! 
... then returns safely to Earth.