Rocket Launching of May 4, 2014

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May 4th, 2014 was a windy, drizzly, chilly day. There was a rocket launch scheduled by PARA520 at Hallowell farm. We were set to go.

The PARA guys were at the farm at 10:30 AM. Andrea, Joe and I met up with Chrissy and Matt at the CVS in Towamencin. Standing in the drizzle, we were undecided about driving for an hour to get to the farm in the lousy weather. We took the easy way out and asked Matt
what we should do. He said he was up for a ride. Joe bailed, but the other four of us headed for the farm. It drizzled the whole way there.

Once there, the car got stuck in the mud and had to be pushed out. Later I got zapped on an electric fence, got caught in barbed wire and sticker bushes, fell in the mud, found the remains of three dead cows and walked around for an hour with a tick on my forehead. Andrea didn't laugh at me once, though she managed to remain unscathed. We also met bunch of great people who like to fly rockets in the rain!

Among the rockets in the above picture are the silver and blue "Silverfish" and Matt's orange and blue "Big Daddy." A camera is taped to the Silverfish.

Ken, Barry and John of PARA 520. Ken and John have a knack
for finding lost rockets. They found mine three times.
At first we couldn't bring the rockets out because of the rain.
This is the back seat of the car.

The Guardian and the Executioner blast off while we get our stuff together back at the car.
Matt Prepares the Big Daddy.
Mike sets up the Silverfish.
Chrissy checks Big Daddy's ignitor.
The Silverfish (with camera) is ready to go.
This is a Big Bertha with its fins on upside-down!
The Silverfish blasts off on an E20-7
Andrea snaps Big Daddy blasting off. Meanwhile, the Silverfish has vanished in the wind.
The Big Daddy landed relatively close to the pad. The Silverfish however was searched for in vain by Andrea and yours truly for
over 1/2 hour. Finally Ken came over to see how we were making out. He found it in five minutes flat!
Ken on the left. Me coming out from under the electric fence. We both got zapped!
I got zapped again later at the same spot. Some people just don't learn.

It was a mooooving experience. I guess I'm dumber than a cow.