1950 General Electric clock radio 

       Analog Dial                

A restored General Electric Model 518 clock radio, manufactured in 1950.

Two of these radios were bought (cheaply) on ebay. One was to be
restored and the other was for parts, specifically the knobs on the clock. They are usually missing at least one knob, ergo the cheap price.
Handling the volume control knob was especially pleasant. I can't help but wonder who touched it last. gag! SPLORGH!

I'm picking up some waves with my psychic ability... I sense....  I sense that the radio was unplugged at 8 minutes and 49 seconds after 5!
The tuning knob had a thousand ridges filled with gunk and germs.
Someone had once broken it off and then epoxied it to the tuning
capacitor shaft. It would have to be cleaned while attached to the radio.

The inside of the case was filthy.
...as was the chassis.

There is an outlet on the back that is controlled by the clock.
You can also determine if you want the radio to come on or
stay off when the outlet is energized.
The clock has a sleep function. How cool is that?
The bottom knob also turns the radio on and off.
One of the Telechron clocks movements. No brushes, all metal gears. A little sewing machine oil starts them back up.

The underside before any work was done.

Some previous "repairman" fixed a bad capacitor by cutting it out of the circuit.    
80,000 volts might jump the air gap, but it
would probably blow the radio to smithereens.

Recapped, and with a new power cord.

The case has been cleaned and the outside polished, but the grill cloth has to go.
The volume control knob was disinfected. (as was the tuning knob).

The grill cloth was a piece of linen over a cardboard circle.
This made it easy to replicate it with some new linen and cardboard.

 Almost done. Everything is clean, it was re-capped, some tubes were replaced, a tear in the
speaker cone was repaired, it has a new cord and the clock has been oiled in a dozen places.

Here it is, at its new home in the kitchen. The world's most useful radio!