A whole day
A friend jokingly said, "I want to see a whole day!" Well, here ya go. Click on the thumbnails.
"It's like a scene from the 60's movie, "The Time Machine". Only more boring." **

Note: These files are in Windows Media format.

Windy day.
 November 2003
1.4 meg
 Windows Media
       Snow melt.
February 2004

1.3 meg
Windows Media
First snow.
December 2003
1.65 meg
Windows Media
Mothers Day
May 2004

1.3 meg
Windows Media

** This was the response from the guy who wanted to "see a whole day". My question to him is: "What do you mean MORE
boring ?!!! The Time Machine was NOT boring!!" Damn him to hell for all eternity! Unless he has a time machine.