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A solar powered train built on a cheese box lid.
Thanks to Heather Daddio for the box. (I don't like this kind of cheese. A real man eats TIGER cheese!)
Mouse-over for controls.

  Here is the first version of the box. Inside was a "pulley" made of foam poster board with a tiny neodymium magnet.
The "belt" was a rubber band. The axel was a bamboo skewer. It worked fairly well.
The second version has a motor with a gear box. A piece of metal was epoxied to a radio knob and the knob was attached to the motor
shaft. The magnet sits at the end of the metal arm. The motor turns at 3 RPM. The metal piece has two arms for experimental purposes.

The original idea was to have a little car drive around the outside of the lid, with a house in the middle. Because the gearbox was too large
to center in the box, the road had to be moved. Then we found a little train at the Arts and Crafts store, so the road turned into train tracks.
The train engine is a little under an inch long. It doesn't have real wheels, so it just drags around the top of the cheese box.
The Laughing Cow Station was made of bits of balsa wood and is 1 and 1/8 inches long.
The sound comes from a 30 year old sound generator chip I found in my parts box (SN94281).

The parts were mounted on a piece of card stock and attached to the box with hot glue. The little speaker came from a greeting card.
A diode protects the chip in case the solar cells are hooked up backwards, and it's in a socket so it can be popped out and used elsewhere.

I was going to add bushes, a tree, details to the train station, etc but I didn't want to make it look too "real". It's a cheese box!


This concludes today's broadcast.