Rocket Launching of "Big Red" on September 2, 2012 with video taken from rocket.

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Liftoff of Big Red with attached video camera. This is the last time we will see this rocket intact.
Attached to the side is a keyfob "spy" camera
Inside is a plastic parachute man named Orville, with a 24" parachute
All of our parachute men are named Orville. This one is about three   
and a half inches tall. We had never used one this large before.         
The rocket is launched by Matt Knoebel while a camera buff(oon) snaps pictures.
The engine used is an Estes E9-4
The rocket will climb 'til it's just a speck in the sky.
At this time the parachute has failed to deploy. The parachute guy is stuck in the top of the rocket!

Orville didn't eject and was blocking the rocket's parachute with his body. Both he and the rocket
will impact the Earth with a sickening thud about two seconds after this picture is taken

Recovery Crew Matt (L) and Mike (R) bring back both rocket and camera.
Yours truly inspects the camera
It's a sad day. Hey is Matt smiling??
Yes, but he's crying on the inside, I know.
"This won't stop us!" The deformed and bent body of the rocket is straightened.
It was launched three more times! All the subsequent launches were successful.
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