Dial scales for radio projects 


       Analog Dial                

I bought some dial scales on ebay for 5 bucks. I thought they were metal, but they turned out to be plastic.

The quality of the printing was poor and they were scratched and dirty. (They looked a lot better on ebay than they did
in my hands). I cleaned one up with a photo editing program. All you need do is print them out and cut out the pictures.


Full sized bitmap HERE. File size = 30 megabytes.
Note: The actual dial scale is three inches across at the bottom. If you print them this size the holes will match with most variable
             capacitors.  Rather than resizing the actual image, resize the images from your "print" menu as they are being printed. When
              they are the desired size, print the final image on photo paper. If the ink isn't waterproof, spray the page with a flat clear coat.

If you're not in the U.S.A. they will say PRINTED IN <name of your country> at the bottom when you print them out.

The scales below came from crystalradiosupply.com.
They went out of business. You can find the original .PDF file here.

This one works with a rotary switch.