Crystal Sets
An assembled No. 1 Crystal Set kit, sold by Carl D. Beier in 2008.
Crystal Radio
A double tuned circuit with variable inductance. Selectivity is very good.
Nicely made coil! It came pre-wound. Apparently, some set builders had trouble winding their own coil in early versions.

Crystal Radio
The No. 1 schematic.

Crystal Radio
Assembled No. 2 Crystal Set kit. Single dial, variable selectivity.
Crystal Radio
Rear view, showing simple design.
Crystal Radio Coil
The red coil slides back and forth to control the selectivity of the set.

Crystal Radio
The No. 2 schematic.

The two kits pictured here were purchased on ebay in 2008. The price was about $15, which probably didn't even cover the cost of the parts. On the other hand, it was a great deal so I looked for more but there weren't any.

Above is an advertisement placed in the February 2008 issue of "Antique Radio Classified." Carl was only asking $22 for a kit, and it apparently included shipping. The kits came with an easy to read construction manual.

In all, Carl sold about 900 of these sets. The last 300 were sold to Lance Borden of Borden Radio Company (
Lance and his wife flew from Houston, Texas to Carl's house in Michigan. They packed up seven boxes of sets and had them shipped back to Texas via UPS. Lance never sold them online and Carl didn't know what Lance did with them.

Inquiries to Lance Borden by both myself and Carl D. Beier went unanswered. Then in December 2020 Cecil Weinstein (N0EHP) wrote to this website and said that Lance still has them all! They are still in storage.

Carl also sold 30 kits to a teacher to use in his class. Carl is now 81 years old and makes home-made steam engines.

A steam engine fabricated by Carl D. Beier.

These two sets were actually built by Carl. The design began around May, 1992.
The early construction manuals have a label stating "CARL & GRACE ENT." with an address in Detroit, MI.
The radios built by Mr. Beier have a crinkle finish on the front panel.
This one seems to be a prototype. Notice the "L" brackets on the capacitors.
A capacitor made in England and a bag of parts included with a kit. 
1/3/85 on the capacitor could be a date. Since it's British, it would be March 1, not January 3.
The diodes Carl supplied with the kits were made by Kemtron and are dated March 1960.

Both of these sets appear in "Radios That Work For Free" by K. E. Edwards.
Radios That work For Free
In this video of some of the radios made by K. E. Edwards, you can see the two sets on his bench. It's rather amusing to hear the narrator ask, "How are you doing, Mister Edwards?" because his real name is Jim McNutt! Click on the picture to view the video.

Click on the image above to view the manual. This is actually a collection of mostly original papers that the construction manual was made from. Near the end you'll see that Carl could get 80 front panels from a single sheet of Masonite.

Do not write to Carl asking for a kit or any parts. The last two radios are shown on this page and he has none left. If you are interested in one (or both) of them, contact yours truly ( I also have some unfinished, pre-drilled front panels for both sets, yours free for the asking.