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Elmer Osterhoudt
Elmer G. Osterhoudt and the Modern Radio Laboratories® Catalog

Some of these radios were either found in the trash or were on their way there.

G.E. 518
Admiral radio
Philco B710
Emerson 330
G.E. model 518 1951 Admiral Philco Transitone B710 1939 Emerson 330

Motorola 53R
 Westinghouse Little Jewel
Motorola 67X
Crosley 56
1953 Motorola 53R Westinghouse Little Jewel 1947 Motorola 67X Crosley 56TC  

Various radio kits, past and present

MRL 1 tube radio
Peebles two tube
Borden Radio
Lafayette KT-135 MRL One Tube Regen Radio Peebles Two Tube Regen Radio Borden One Tube Regen
Space Spanner
Ozark Patrol
Globe Patrol
Carl D. Beier crystal set
Knight-Kit Space Spanner 4SQRP Ozark Patrol Science Fair Globe Patrol Carl D. Beier Crystal Sets
Ocean Hopper
Peebles PO-1956
Peebles Crystal Set
  Knight-Kit Ocean Hopper Peebles PO-1956 Diode/Transistor Set Peebles PO-101 Crystal Set  


regen radio
Morgan crystal set
Alfred P. Morgan amplifier
Two Transistor Regen Radio Alfred P. Morgan Crystal Set Alfred P. Morgan Amplifier
Experimental radio
MRL 1 tube clone
  The Experimental Radio Project MRL / Morgan Mash-up The Ferrite Ferret  
MRL crystal set
Modern Radio Laboratories No.10
    MRL No.1 and No.2-A DX Crystal Sets   MRL No.10 All Wave Crystal Set  


Astro Commander (Not) Making Money In Radio New Old Stock Radio!


Rebuilding Philco Capacitors  Coil Winding Jig Dial Scales Radio Christmas Ornament 12AT7


- Miscellaneous -

Rocket Launches
The Rotating Tiger Cheese box
A "useless machine"
"The Laughing Cow" Express
Building the Journeyman II
Porch Roof Project (with history)
Finding Local History
Daily Stuff
Mystery in a Snapshot
Coffee Grounds
Joe's St. A's pages
History of the Church of the Messiah      

- Pictures -
Pictures (several albums)

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